Today’s business requirements often call the need to send information out from classified networks to unclassified networks

This interconnectivity between networks is essential when Information Technology (IT) networks are connected to Operational Technology (OT) networks, where many sensitive industrial systems need to connect its control units (e.g. SCADA or DCS) to corporate and other insecure networks. In most cases, organisations that rely on software based solutions such as unified threat management (UTM) fail to provide total security..

A comprehensive solution for connected classified networks is our Simplex Systems appliance, which by design only allows unidirectional data flow using its state-of-the-art hardware, operating system and software.



The Simplex Systems comes in three variants; where Simplex Diode is designed for mission critical applications, and the Simplex Cube is tailored for USB and/or Ethernet secure file transfer, while Simplex Switch is designed for securing up to eight Internet Protocol (IP) enabled cameras.

Simplex Systems Features