Emgraft Systems provides comprehensive ICT solutions by utilizing industry-leading products and technologies. We customize each solution based on the organization’s specific needs and requirements, working with the IT Administrators, the management leaders and end users.

Enterprise Wireless Services

The last mile use of Enterprise Wireless Services (EWS) obviates the need for wired connectivity. To monitor and control the WLAN, Emgraft has come up with a solution to help secure digital assets with latest acceptable encryption standards along with Captive Portal and Wall Garden technology.

Enterprise Security Management

Enterprise Security Management (ESM) is designed to be a comprehensive protection against multiple types of cyber threats. It functions as the cornerstone and foundation of an organization’s network security architecture and delivers Security Information and Event Management capabilities.

Enterprise Messaging System

The Enterprise Messaging System (EMS) is a standard based solution built on open source which allows customers to develop and integrate distributed applications. It is built on a robust electronic messaging platform which offers varying level of services for message persistence and recovery.

Our core product is the Big Mail Transfer (BMT). It enables its users to securely (encrypted) send large attachments (up to 32GB file size) thus eliminating the size constraint in common email providers, protocols and services.

Enterprise Network Services

Enterprise Network Services (ENS) is a holistic approach and solution to network management to control network operations and overcome challenges pertaining to network complexity and security, as well as device configuration, installation, management and maintenance.

Among its features, packaged in one box are mail spam filtering, anti-virus, intrusion detection (or prevention) system and World Wide Web content filtering, along with traditional features of a stateful and zone based firewall.